Bayerische socks!

These have been a year in the making, only because they were shunted aside for faster, less attention required knits.

I really love 'em!!

Pattern is Bayerische by Eunny Jang well, sort of, I knit them toe-up instead.

Yarn is knitpicks Risata.

and here they are warming my toes!

I love them!
Great color.

Pretty socks! Love the pattern and color! :muah:

Oh now WOW! Those are my favoritess socks ever!!!
Great job!


Ooo those are beautiful!

Oh, what cable heaven! This pattern has been in my favorites…like…FOREVER!

GREAT job! The color really shows off the pattern nicely too!!

Those are gorgeous!! I love them. Beautiful color, fabulous cable work.

Those are super and your detail is wonderful! Great job!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Absolutely gorgeous!!! The color and the pattern!

Thanks so much all!

Unfortunately, the toeup version is not currently available online, and as an fyi, these cables REALLY eat the yarn! I generally get a pair of socks from a single skein of kps yarn, and here, each sock is a skein unto itself, and the legs are only 6 cable repeats long! If/when you decide to knit them, order an extra skein of yarn for sure :mrgreen:

Beautiful pattern n lovely color

Those are gorgeous. Thanks for the tips on them.


very good looking socks!:cheering:


Great pattern and great color. Really pretty socks.:thumbsup:

Very cool, er, warm socks. Whatever, I love them; great job~~~~~

Thanks for the warning about needing an extra skein.