Bayerische Socks, toe up?

I searched the web and I see no evidence anyone has ever tried these toe up?

I really want to knit these but would much rather go toe-up. I just assumed someone would have done it!

I have never tried to reverse a sock pattern. Would this be hard? Impossible?

I can’t help you with your question, but I’ve gotta say that the socks are beautiful!!!


[size=2]One more thing for my “to-do” list.[/size]

After looking through the pattern is is obvious I am nowhere near smart enough to figure out how to reverse these.

Sigh… I did Turkish caston and made toes for these last night. Time to rip! :frog:

I also would like to do these toe-up as that’s how I prefer socks, also to get them as long as the wool can make them, but after looking at the pattern I think these will just have to be toe-down. The charts could be reversed if you wanted to - I’d print out multiple copies for every repeat, and tape them together in the same way they’ll be knitted, and then knit from the top rather than bottom - but if you want to keep the nice detailing on the heel, that might be tricky. It is possible to do flap heels bottom-up, but not common except where people have tried to do it for the sake of it, and I think the conversion would be quite difficult, especially with the slip-stitches lining up. Occasionally I find a sock pattern is exceedingly difficult to reverse and I’m better off doing it as written.
If you are happy with SR heels, it would be doable, I think.

There are various reasons to prefer toe-up, and ways to get around most of those. What specifically is the reason you want toe-up for these?

Does anyone know for sure whether you can do a slipped-stitch SR heel?

Laura, if you do try to convert to a heel-flap toe-up, knitty’s Widdershins may be a good start.


I am not that experienced with socks and prefer a short row heel. I think I like toe-up better just because it’s easier to do the turkish cast on and go, rather than have to cast on all the stitches for the top! Also I wanted to make them a little longer.

I don’t care that much about the flap heel, not sure if I’ll do it. I was considering trying the fleegle heel talked about here:

It is described for a toe-up sock and I was hoping to throw that in.

I looked at the pattern over the foot yesterday and there is a lot of increasing/decreasing over the sole of the foot approaching the heel which I found confusing to reverse. I am trying a pair top down, will make lots of notes, and hopefully do a pair toe up after. It’ll take a while, though!

Thanks for the link. I’ll have to read it a bit more closely when I have some time, but it sounds like something interesting to try.