Bay Rum

I love the stuff. It’s my all time favorite aftershave and I think it’s a good, spicy, manly smell. The girly, perfume smelling stuff most guys use today just can’t compare for me.

I’m an old fashioned wet shaver. I use nice shaving soaps or creams and a badger hair shaving brush along with an old fashioned razor that uses old fashioned flat double edge blades.

I do use Feather blades, which are from Japan and are the sharpest razor blades in the world. The Feather company used to make swords but in the modern age they switched to surgical and shaving blades. They know a thing or two about sharp blades.

Today I used a nice rose scented shaving soap and finished off with a splash of Bay Rum aftershave. Man, I love the smell of that Bay Rum!

If you’d like to buy your guy a nice inexpensive gift order him a bottle and let him try it. It used to be THE aftershave to use before the flowery, girly stuff came along (I’ll never understand why it lost ground to them).

Be prepared though, it is a strong, spicy scent. Most men really like it but women are somewhat mixed. Some like it some don’t. But ya never know if ya don’t try eh? I’m sure he’ll like it even if you don’t.

Is that anything like Old Spice? Or is Old Spice too ‘dorky’? {if there were a dorky or nerdy smiley, I would put that here} I always liked it … what can I say, my preferences are for more classic things. :mrgreen: I am old beyond my 30 years.

I think Old Spice was an attempt to do something similar to Bay Rum but they’re pretty different. Bay Rum has been around a lot longer and was once the only aftershave men used.

I like the smell of Old Spice but it seems to sour on me due to my body chemistry.

I am also quite fond of the classics, which is probably why I shave with an old fashioned Gillette razor and always wear a hat in public. Heck, I even carry a tube of Brylcreem in my dop kit.

My old barber used to use bay rum after he shaved my neck. I don’t have such an elaborate shaving ritual, just an electric razor. I don’t use aftershave.

Oh. Aftershave. :verysad:

It’s still a staple in old fashioned style barbershops. My barber still uses it. He also still gives old fashioned straight razor shaves too.

I never cared for electrics. My beard is far too heavy and tough for an electric.

Well, you probably could drink it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. :fingerwag:

I was hoping for a thread about a new kinda rum. :teehee:

For me the whole wet shaving thing is a way for a guy to pamper himself a bit. It changes shaving from a bad, must do sort of thing into a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

I haven’t had razor burn since I started wet shaving. Those nasty cartridge things are just terrible and always gave me a rash. My old fashioned razor is sharper, gives a closer shave, and doesn’t make a rash.

I have shaving soaps/creams in numerous scents including West Indies Limes (my favorite), Sandalwood, Rose, Coconut, Trafalgar, and Eucalyptus (an Italian cream called Proraso). They’re all imported.

Yeah, I kinda figured. :rofl:

I know, me too!!!:woohoo:Of course, after my last episode with rum I should probably not go there. :clink:

One of my favorite smells and fondest memories is of my dad’s Old Spice…I’ll have to check out the Bay Rum for hubbo. Dad always shaved with a brush and soap. He had an Old Spice soap mug for years until it got broken and I gave him a handmade pottery mug for Father’s Day. When he died, I kept the mug and old brush and the last drop in a bottle of Old Spice. I used to give him some every Christmas my whole life…in later years it was kind of a lark, but he asked for a new bottle every year. My brother recently thought it would be nice to use soap and a brush and I found some and then found an Old Spice mug at an antique shop. I gave it to him this Father’s Day and my sister in law secretly told me that he got teary eyed at bedtime that night:wink:
Dad used to give my grandpa good old fashioned hot towel, straight edge type shaves when he was in the nursing home. It made him feel so much better.
And I think that a good clean smelling man is super hot!:eyebrow:

my DH isn’t much into aftershave (per se; he uses witch hazel), but i love, love, love it when he shaves with a real razor! so clean, and so manly! :eyes:

i haven’t made shaving soap in awhile, mason. what do you like in a shaving soap besides dense, creamy lather. does clay help?

(btw, i make bar soap, not cream/foam soap.)

My Dad used to use Old Spice too. I remember one year us kids got together all our pennies and bought him a bottle of stuff that was supposed to be the best… Hai Karate!! Man, that stuff stank!!

Clay? I have no idea what goes into the stuff but can’t imagine it containing clay. Most of the soaps these days are like a hard gelatin type soap. I buy those as well as tubes of cream which seem to work into a thicker lather.

The most important aspect is good lubricity, but a nice lather and scent are good.

Yeah that stuff was awful.

Uhm … YES!!! Nothing is better than a manly-smelling man. :woot::inlove::heart::inlove::heart::inlove:

And I think that a good clean smelling man is super hot!:eyebrow:

I have had guys walk by and make my knees go weak just from the way they smell. My all time favorite was when we went out and Daniel wore Swiss Army. Lord we danced extra close those evenings. I love that smell. I haven’t been able to find it in a longgggg time. I also loved to watch him shave. So many things I miss like that.

Recently, my husband wanted some cologne and picked up a bottle of Old Spice. He smelled gawd awful. I don’t remember it being that bad when my Dad used it. Maybe they’ve changed the formulation.

I shop from a little catalog/online store and they carry all sorts of stuff like bay rum, razor blades, shaving soap, etc. I think they carry Hai Karate, too. But my favorite was the English Leather I always bought my DH.

Mason, my older brothers and dad all had brush cuts and they used to share this humongous pump jar of Brylcreem. (Replenished frequently.) And then to make sure the front of the brush cut stood up properly, they used Butch Wax. I don’t think the boys had to worry about to many women running their fingers through they hair. LOL!:rofl: