Batman: The Dark Knight

DH and I went to see it on Saturday. We absolutely loved it. We’ll be getting it as soon as the DVD comes out.

That being said, if you’re heading out to see it, there’s a couple things to consider:

  • It’s loooooooong. Make sure to go to the bathroom before you go into the theatre and buy the smallest soda.

  • Don’t take children. At least not until you’ve watched it yourself. There’s a lot of violence, Dent’s Twoface will scare them (boy they did an excellente job), and the Joker is really psychotic.

-There’s plenty of scenes that will make you cringe, from death by pencils to broken ankles, but I can’t really go into detail because it would be a spoiler. But be prepared to cringe…a lot.

Anyway…it’s definitively worth watching and will make for a good conversation afterwards.
If you want a to read a better review of it you can find one here, by Cleolinda Jones. It is, however full of spoilers.

DS and I went to see it Sunday night. It was great! I think this is a truer representation of what Batman originally was. All of the performances were outstanding. We have had a lot of discussions about it since we saw it. DS has loved Batman since he was about 3. He’s 19 now, so this is a long running thing in our house. He also wants to be a film maker, so he sees a lot of things in a movie.

I totally agree with you about the kids at the movie. When we were standing in line, we noticed a number of kids between the ages of 5 and 10. I knew it was not for kids and could not believe that those kids were there.

This History Channel is running a special about the Psychology of Batman. Its pretty interesting.

I just saw this last night. It was well-done, but almost too visually stimulating. There’s a lot going on in the movie. I’m going to need a DVD to get some parts of it figured out. :teehee:

A lot of parents definitely do not think before they take kids to movies. When I went to see Sex and the City there were elementary age kids there. I wanted so badly to go ask the parents what they were thinking, but bit my tongue. In my second grade class I hear kids talking about movies they have seen and it really shocks me. It really makes it clear where some kids get a lot of their violent behaviors today.

I’m glad to hear the movie is good though. As soon as we can line up a babysitter (our usual wonderful sitter is having some pretty major health problems right now) we plan to go see it.

I took my teenage girls and still told them “I don’t think you are going to want to see this part” a few times. I had a very strange nightmare after seeing it. A combination of the joker, the theme park I work at, and kids under 3rd grade! The problem was that I can wake up, roam the house, read a book, then fall asleep and continue the dream where I left off. Not a good thing in this instance.:shock: