Bathroom Rug and Another Dishcloth

I’ve decided to make a larger bathroom rug with some of the yarn leftover from my last one. The small rug I made for the Bernat Blog is not big enough to cover our bathroom walking area.

So, I measured the area I want to cover, and started a rug that will cover it all. I’m just doing single crochet, holding 2 strands of Bernat Handicrafter together throughout. I’m about halfway through now!

And I just finished knitting another dishcloth, because my Mom asked for a green one. Once again, I used Bernat’s Beginner Crochet pattern called “Handicrafter Cotton Dishcloth”.

I got the stitch right this time, so it went fast! I used a thinner yarn, to get the color she wanted, and a smaller hook (size F). So, the cloth came out small. I decided to add a border all around to make it bigger. One round of single crochet, then one round of half-double crochet. I like how it turned out. :slight_smile:

They look great, Sandy!:thumbsup:

They DID come out really good! :slight_smile: I’m going to check and see what cottons I have in my stash.

Good work! Looks lovely.

Thank you, my friends! :hug:

You GO girl! I’m looking forward to seeing your cloth as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t usually look at this crochet section because I have only made one crochet item in my life - a gigantic granny square afghan of scraps several years ago and some sc edgings on slippers. It just seems awkward to me. But I have seen a lot of crochet rug patterns and this one you made is just beautiful. I have made several knitted rugs, mostly garter stitch and also two spiral ones. Maybe I’ll give it another try one day. Do the crocheted ones go faster than the knitted?

Yes, it goes faster, because the yarn is thicker as you go. (Each crochet stitch uses more yarn than knitted stitches do.)

I was trying it this morning and it is much slower than knitting for me. Maybe its the tight tension I have and it’s harder to get the hook in the next stitch. Gave up and went back to my needles.

The beginning is always hard, but once you get the hang of it, it really is quicker.

I used to have the same problem, and always stayed away from crochet. But, I’ve learned to relax my tension on the yarn, and try different size hooks to see what works best for the project.

I’m using two strands of cotton yarn held together for my rug, with a size K hook.

This afternoon, I started and finished another green dishcloth for my Mom. I sat outside on my back porch to make it, because the weather was so nice in North Carolina today.
Here’s a photo of the cloth I made today:

I love your dishcloth too. I was trying the crochet hook in size K with a single strand of worsted weight. Tension is the main problem I think. I need to loosen up. I would like to do a crochet rug though. I met a woman in the laundromat a few years ago who made beautiful three stranded multicolor crochet rugs for her cabin - they were doing their “spring wash.” It got me motivated to make rugs but I knitted instead. I just made two red heart dishcloths just for the heck of it-maybe for next year’s Valentine’s day- out of Sugar and Cream. You have an incredible number of projects judging by these posts!:knitting:

Just use whichever craft makes you happy for your rug. That’s the only way to really enjoy what you’re making. It’s a drag to work on something if it’s no fun.

Yeah, I’m a knitting addict (and crochet is fun too).
Right now, my tally shows that I have 307 completed projects, and 31 in progress. Busy, busy!

I would go nuts if I had that many wips. Haven’t counted how many I have finished but I don’t want to do more than two at a time. Unfortunately I can’t finish one for getting another idea. Got a good book out of the library today- Homespun Handknit with at least two patterns I want to do. I do want to master basic crochet if only for one rug. I think I need someone to look at what I’m doing. But I do feel most comfortable with knitting. Don’t know how you find time in the day to do what you do.
Thank you for the advice.

Those look great! :cheering:

I have a creative personality, and I get bored easily. So, I can’t just work on one or two things at a time. I like the variety! It’s nice to have different projects to choose from.

I keep one project in the car all the time, for when I want to fill time. (doctor appointments, listening to the sermon at church, waiting for my next piano student.) I have a few different pairs of socks on the needles. And some large blankets as well. And I’m making a different project every month for the Bernat Blog, so that project gets priority until it’s completed.

If my hands start to hurt from knitting with tiny needles, I can switch to a project on larger needles. Or switch from crochet to knitting. Sometimes, I just set it all aside and read, or do internet stuff, or play piano.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping for a camera for my birthday (on Good Friday this year), so I can actually figure out how to, and post pics!! I’ve dropped plenty of hints to my DH. Let’s see if he picked up on them.

Years ago, I went to a class for crocheting with fabric. You cut sheets, or buy fabric, or whatever you’d like, and use a size Q hook. We made heart-shaped rugs out of fabric. It was really fun! Mine was under my rocking chair, for years. Then during one of our floods, it stayed wet too long, and got moldy. (…hmmm…thinking of going home and cutting up old sheets for a new one…)

[/QUOTE]Yeah, I’m a knitting addict (and crochet is fun too).
Right now, my tally shows that I have 307 completed projects, and 31 in progress. Busy, busy![/QUOTE]

Holy Smokes!!! :notworthy:

Sandy, The rug and the cloths look great.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: