I’m trying to find a simple…hooded bathrobe… the kind that overlaps and you use a belt to tie it closed.

I’m wanting to make one about a size 6 or so… I’ve found coats… sweaters… but all indifferent patterns… I’m trying to find a pattern that adds all… ( granddaughter is uh very selective… lol sounds better than picky)

You want to knit a [I]bathrobe[/I]?? :passedout: Yikes…

I found this pattern although I don’t think it has a hood…

lol yes… I want to knit a bathrobe… it sounds simple… but frustratting… I can follow any pattern… but not to good at piecing patterns together…

I’m trying to find a child’s size w/ a hood… hey… I’ve got lots & lots of time on my hands… I need to stay busy…

thanks for the link!

I think those long hooded sweater coats would work just fine. The only difference is you call one a bathrobe and the other a sweater coat. And you can knit the body longer if necessary. Finding the pattern however… :??

That is exactly what I’m trying to find, lol Hey… patience is a virtue… so I’m still looking… hugs thanks for helping

I understand that you want to make a bathrobe. However, have you thought about knitting a hood that is separate from the robe. Maybe that way your granddaughter has a choice from one day to the next. Plus you don’t have to drive yourself loopy looking for that particular pattern.

PS. You might want to do a Google search for “Medieval Robe To Knit.” It’s probably not what you’re looking for exactly, but it could be a nice jumping off point.

Thanks… but she is 2 1/2 and loves hoods… has for over a year… I’ll try the Medieval Robe… thanks…

The book “Greetings from Knit Cafe” has a child’s hooded bathrobe pattern. I am pretty sure size 6 was included in the pattern. I got the book at my library.


You rule!

I have that book but didn’t look in it… It is perfect for what I need.

Thanks sooo very much… It is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Big Bear Hugs your way… I can’t wait til a few of these other projects are out of the way to start!

Thanks soo much!

You’re welcome! I think the book is one of those that you have to look at a couple of times to appreciate some of the patterns. I made the LaLa scarf and am thinking of doing the bikini.


I could see the scarf… but the bikini… well… I’ll make it for my daughter…lol she has the figure for it… as I’m sure you do!

again thanks soo much!