Bathing suit coverup

I’m looking to knit a bathing suit coverup for this summer. I like the one in the Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine, but it is crocheted. Does anyone know of a similar pattern that is for knitting? Here’s the link to the picture:

Hi rebcam! There’s a sarong pattern on knitty gritty here–I know that’s not quite the same, but maybe it’ll help!

here is a thread on it… along with a little silly :wink:

is similar. My guess would just be to elongate it to make it like a dress cover up.

Oh, Ang…you are GOOD. I looked and looked for something for rebcam & couldnt find a THING!

Oh, thank you! I knew there had to be something out there, but I wasn’t having any luck finding it.

Alright ladies and [size=2]$[/size]exy knitting gents :oops: … giggle

WHAT ABOUT THAT SKIRT!!! I want a pattern for that. Any leads for a pattern with um … ample circumfrances? :mrgreen:

lol, i dunno about the skirt, but I have just started crocheting that one today. In fact, that was about the only reason I bought the magazine and I went nuts looking for it!

I guess I am just lucky in finding the other thing. I like to look at all the yarn suppliers online websites and look at their free pattern sections. It’s fun.

I Might be able to come up with something myself to maybe make a skirt that looks like the crocheted version. Gimme some time and maybe I will post a pattern :wink: I’m new to knitting (fairly) and I am quite ambitious and a fast learner :XX: :happydance:

They just posted a new one on knittingpatterncentral:

That’s pretty neat… i’d make that for my wife if…

I didn’t confuse the HECK outta me! :shock: :shock:

Okay, I’m stuck. I was thinking of trying the pattern from rebecca-online, but I can’t figure out the legend. If any of you could decipher it for me in sentence form, I’d be thankful. The chart appears to have an oval, but there is not one listed on the legend. It says to pearl all the wrong side rows, but some directions are written on the legend. I just don’t get it!

Here’s the link:


I don’t get it either. Why not email Rebecca? They have an email link on the upper right of the free patterns page.

I see the confusion. I think I’ve got it…

The legend should show an oval for the second yarn over instructions in the legend. There’s no difference in how you work it on the RS, just a yo when you see a circle or oval. The difference is on the WS: on the WS rows (the even rows not shown in the chart) you purl every stitch but when you come to the oval’s yarn-over, you work two stitches into the yo (p1 and k1). That’s the only thing you need to hold in your mind. Purl the wrong side, and p1 and k1 when you come to a yo that’s an oval, which will be almost all the yo’s you come to. The regular circle yo’s (only done at the beginning or end of row) just get a single purl stitch into them on the WS. That’s the only distinction. On the RS the oval and circle are treated the same, just a single yo.

I hope that’s clear.

If you want to confirm it with someone whose made it, you could email this woman who just made that sweater on her blog (bottom of this page).

Have fun! It looks like a neat pattern!