Bath towel

I remember reading an article about knitting a bath towel probably 15 years ago… you needed a large cone of halcyon cotton chenille yarn and possibly #5 knitting needles and from what I remember you just knit until you ran out of yarn. What I don’t remember was how many stitches you cast on. Any ideas?

I may have found some information from Ravelry but it didn’t narrow much down. Another person posted that they found the article in a magazine called home and garden and the year was 2002. No further information available

There is a aran weight Halcyon Chenille and also a bulky. Sounds like maybe the aran or heavy worsted at about 18sts/4inches on a #7 needle. Best to try a swatch to see what gauge you get and what fabric you like. Then you can calculate how many sts to cast on for the width towel you’d like.

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