Bath scrunchy

Hi all,

I’m very eager to knit a little cotton bath scrunchy for my one year old daughter.

I thought to knit a long rectangular shape, then fold it back and forth and then tie it in the middle.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks :thumbsup:

I had one from the dollar store that fell apart. :rollseyes: It was a long rectangle, but rather than tied in the middle, a long strand ran through it, up and down the length and was pulled tight to ‘scrunch’ it, then tied. It might hold up better that way.

I found a couple patterns that look promising!

Judy’s Bath Puff

Bonbon from Knitty

I didn’t realize that what I had in mind was so close to the real thing!

:lol: :thumbsup:

Another great baby bath idea is to knit a cotton bath mitt–like a mitten but doesn’t even need a thumb! It makes it easy to wash hard-to-get-at areas like under little chins. Just suds the mitt up and stroke your baby!

Something like this?