Bath scrubbie

I used ArtLady’s great idea for a spa scrubbie, except that I made a mitt instead. I have made some scrubbies for the kitchen, but I had never thought of making a bath scrubbie until I saw ArtLady’s post. I used the Turkish cast on, and then I just knit in the round. I used some ecru cotton yarn that I had in my stash, and purple netting. I found the pattern (Fishtail) for the edging in [U]Knitting on the Edge[/U] by Nicky Epstein. This knit up very quickly, but, as others have mentioned, knitting with the netting IS very hard on the hands! I took the photo with my phone, so the pic isn’t very good.

How cool is that! You and your hands might just need to take that scrubbie and go soak in a nice tub.

Sigh! Just looking at your marvelous creation makes me want to go fill the tub and take a bubble bath!

And maybe I will . . . meanwhile, great job on this little number. I like it a lot! Of course, I’m a sucker for bath accessories (is that what you call them?), which is why I grew my own luffa gourds!!

Good idea! LOL

Looks great! I love the color!

Great idea and excellant result. I’ll bet the mitt even works in the shower!

Hey! How did this post skate by me???

Anyhoo, this is just the BEST THING since pancake turners! By that I mean, it’s USEFUL, and once you have one, you can’t do without!

Great idea! I really really like it!!! Pretty, too!

Thanks for sharing your idea! I think I will make the next one flat like the one shown in your post. This one really stretched out when wet, so I think it would work better (and knit up faster!) knit flat.

I tried knitting the 3" wide netting with no cotton, thinking it might be scratchier. But when it got wet it was sorta limp.

My original idea of using 1.5" netting with one strand cotton is best. Just as scratchy, and the cotton gives it strength and structure.