Bath Mitt Help

I’m creating this Bath Mitt from the Lily Yarn Web site.

I don’t understand the following directions: with RS of mitt facing, join yarn to rem stitches. Pick up and knit two sts under thumb. I’ve just sewn the seam on the thumb but am simply not sure how to proceed. Help would be appreciated.


I’ve made several of these but just long enough ago to where I’m not visualizing that step. Let’s see (looking at my patt and the mitten)…

After finishing the thumb you’ll now resume working the actual hand part of the mitten so you should have the orig 29, then join and ‘pick up’ 2 st (insert your ndl into 2 sts near the base of the thumb) and then work across. In the next row you K the 2 tog that you picked up which’ll snug up the juncture of the thumb to the rest of the mitten. (I looked at mine to see if I could distinguish that step but it’s quite obscure. The picked up sts essentially form a transition from one side to the other and then are further reduced when you work the dec.)

Not sure that helped.