Bath Mitt from Knits Magazine

I have fallen in love with this bath mitt (first pattern on the page) from Interweave Knits. I was thinking it would make good Christmas gifts, but the yarn is pretty expensive according to most sources I’ve looked at.

The recommended yarn is from Henry’s Attic – it uses both Alpine Cotton and Pigtail. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good source for Henry’s Attic Cotton or perhaps a good substitute, especially for the Pigtail Cotton.

BTW … the Bed and Bath Duo that is published in the Knits Summer 2005 issue is soooo pretty! I wish they had a picture on their web site I could direct you to!

I couldn’t get the pic to come up on my computer, but cotton is cotton. What about one of the cottons that seem to be designed for wash-clothy type stuff like Lilly or Bernat Handcrafter. has the Bernat for 97 cents. Can’t beat that!

what’s strange is that when you pull up the pattern that mitt doesn’t look like it is done in cotton to me. it looks …plusher (pretty sure i just made up that word but i think i like it) to me. I don’t know that lily would make it look as cushy as it looks in that picture but maybe it is just the pattern…

The “plushiness” comes from Henry’s Attic Pigtail cotton. I’ve attached a picture of it from here. They sell it, but it costs $13.60 for a 1/2 lb.

I’ve never seen another cotton yarn like this before – but, then again, I haven’t really looked, either!

The Alpine Cotton that is used as the “base” yarn would be fairly easy to find a substitute for, but I don’t know where to find something like the Pigtail.