Bath Mat/Kitchen Rug KAL

Hi :smiley:

I want to knit a bathmat and was thinking about a knitalong :??

Choose the yarn and the stitch pattern you prefer and start to knit a rectangle with garter or seed stitch border. No specific pattern required and no specific yarn.

Is anybody interested to join?

Last friday I bought 6 lbs of cotton blend yarn (50/50 cotton and polyamide) at ebay and I think I’m going to knit more than only one bathmat :lol:

6 lbs :doh:
But it really was a bargain :oops:

For my first one I will choose a nice textured knit/purl pattern and I will make a seed stitch border around the bathmat. The size will be about 20" x 30".

I’m impatiently waiting for my yarn…and for your answers :teehee:

That sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately, on Monday I’m headed to Europe for three weeks, so I’m actually trying to wrap things up around here. Starting a new project probably isn’t the best idea. :oops:

I am in the process of knitting sock for my mamma’s birthday but my next project is a rug for my kitchen. So if you are still knitting by then I will post here my progress :slight_smile: (It will be like two weeks must finish these socks. :teehee: )

Oooo I would like to do it, but I can’t buy the yarn quite yet. :shrug:


Enjoy your trip to Europe! And be sure: when you are back, I will be still here knitting bathmats :teehee: Remember, I’ve bought 6 lbs of yarn :rofl:

Yes, I think in two weeks I’m still knitting bathmats :teehee:
Do you have a pattern for your rug yet?

@Jan in CA
There is no hurry and there is no deadline. I think this knitalong will be alive a long time…with 6 lbs of yarn I can do a lot of bathmats :smiley:

I’m still waiting for my yarn :wall:

I will show you a picture of it…that’s called yarn porn, am I right? :teehee:

This is my first knitalong (as well as my first bathmat :smiley: ) and I’m really excited :lol:

There’s a pattern for a bathmat in the Mason Dixon book. Just thought I’d let you know!

Actually I was thinking of using the chevron pattern with a garter stitch border. :thumbsup:

I completed the Absorba Bathmat from the Mason Dixon book a few weeks ago. It was difficult because of the three strands used together.

I found [COLOR=Red]this[/COLOR] pattern for a kitchen mat. I’m going to make it one of these days…

I’m slooooooowly working on one. I was going to do the M/D log cabin one, but I was having such difficulty with the three strands of double worsted P&C that I switched it to straight garter stitch. It’s coming along…maybe I can have it finished by the end of the summer!!:rofl:

So maybe what I’m trying to do is ask if I can play along, even though it’s already started! :mrgreen:

Well, I don’t take a bath in my kitchen :??, but I do like that mat! :lol:

I have renamed the thread - it’s now a bath mat and kitchen rug KAL! And everybody is welcome - even though knitters with kitchen bathmats :grin:

thanks - but if I buy another knitting book my husband will kill me, I’m afraid so :lol:

I will use basketweave stitch, see the picture below.

I’ve read your Absorba-thread :wink:
Three strands :rollseyes:
I was thinking about taking two strands but this depends on the yarn and it’s not here yet…

@misha rf
You are welcome! Of course you can play along! Do you like to show us your project?

I’m thinking about the borders of my bathmat :??
I don’t like wonky edges and I want a perfect rectangular…if I do garter or seed stitch I’m not sure if I will be satisfied with the look :think:

Perhaps I will make a double seam all around and sew one half to the backside…or I will use bias tape…I don’t know yet.

Great idea! I’m always needing new mats and I like to be able to throw them in the wash!

I hope that cotton from Walmart will work…what’s it called?

What size needles is everyone using?

I’m a dork. I didn’t proof read before I hit submit. :roflhard:

Gonna go correct that right now…:wink:

[B][COLOR=Red]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] the site for Peaches & Creme. They deliver pretty fast too. If you make anything like the Absorba Bathmat, you’ll need one cone for each color. You’ll have some leftover, but not a lot.

What needle size? I don’t know yet :??

The yarn I’ve bought has approx. 393 yd. per 3,5 oz. (360 m per 100 g). Your system with the different weights like fingering, DK, worsted etc. is not used in Germany, we use the yarn length per 100 g or 50 g to classify the yarns.

I have to try which needle size makes the best result…if I knit with two strands perhaps I will take a 5 mm needle = US size 8.

I would like to do a KAL, I was going to try a sweater, but I think that may be above my head right now.
So a bath mat might be the perfect thing.
Now here come the new knitter questions, what type of yarn do I use, to make it machine washable and some what soft and asorbent, and some nice larger needles for an easy pattern.
And what pattern do I use? Can I use a circular needle?:oo:

Yeah I know, questions.


I’ve been wanting to make this mat from the Lion Brand website

I got two cones of Peaches and Cream from Walmart, though.


Why don’t you do a search for patterns? Read a few of them to give you an idea of what kind of yarn seems typical.

You’ll want something that is thick and can take a lot of wear and tear. You may want to consider double or triple-stranding.

I enjoyed working with the Peaches and Creme because it was soft. Triple-stranding was very hard on the hands, though. BUT, with two kids using the mat I made, it is holding up quite nicely. It’s thick and soft to step on too.

And yes, you can use circular needles. In fact, this may be your best bet since you’ll probably have quite a few stitches. It’s the best way to prevent losing some, and the cable will help carry the weight.

OK…how do I insert that link to make it work?


I think the link is incomplete. Can you repost it?