Bates for Bamboo

I have been RAKed (given in a random act of kindness) with some great circular needles (Susan Bates). I already have these sizes, but they’ll help me get what I need!

I currently have for trade 6 Susan Bates circular needles (aluminum):

1 pr US 6, 29 in
1 pr US 8, 32 in
1 pr US 8, 29 in
1 pr US 9, 29 in
2 pr US 10 1/2, 29 in

I need (in Bamboo, please):

Any circular needles under size 5, preferably in 20-24 inch length, although I will consider other lengths. I can also use 1/2 sizes between 5 and 9.

I will consider other trades, too, so let me know if you have a swap!

I think I have a pair of Bamboo circs in 10.5 (US)… :? I’d have to go home to check. I’ll check this weekend …

Sorry Kdavies :frowning:
The bamboo that I have is size 10.

Thanks for checking!