Batch of hats and a couple cat mats

Most of the hats for charity except the star wars hat for my grandson.

The two cat mats for the grand cats. The brown striped one for over the sofa where the one cat likes to lie.

The wild coloured

one likely in a laundry basket. :slight_smile:


Wow, you’ve been busy! They all look gorgeous!

The hats and mats are impressive. They’re so well done in such careful designs. Very thoughtful donations all around.

All due to you!!! I think of you every time I make one.
In fact in my knit journal I have a 'Jan’s Hats’


Thanks! I love small projects. Almost done the Christmas double Knit hot pad. Will post it soon.

That’s cool, thanks! :slight_smile: Even with having a baby to knit for I haven’t been knitting much lately. One of those cycles I guess. I still go to my knitting group on Tues and Fri so I do knit then. I’m in the middle of a baby toy.

A baby toy! How cute would that be?
Can’t wait to see it.

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It’s got fair isle in it and I changed the stitch count so I’ve had to rip out way too often. Sigh. It’s getting closer to done so I’ll share when I do! :slight_smile:

Hang in there gramma!

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Wow have you been a busy beaver and for a great cause. Kudos to you!