Basketweave stitch pattern - is it stretchy?

i’m contemplating a basket-weave stitch pattern for the next pair of socks i start. i can find all sorts of nice patterns, helpful hints, how-to’s, etc, but no info that addresses its elasticity. so i’m wondering if it’s a ‘stretchy’ pattern, or does its checkerboard nature offset that and cause it to act more like basic stockinette?

thx! :wink:

You’re thinking the alternating stockinette and reverse stockinette squares? It’s probably a little bit stretchier than stockinette thanks to the change from knit to purl and back again every so many stitches. I’m gonna use the “s” word: Swatch and see what you think.

well swatch you too :slight_smile:

i was hoping it would act more like ribbing, but i suspect it will act more like stockinette. fine, a swatch, ugh. :wink:

I think needle size and the type of yarn used would make a difference to. But knitting up a swatch is always best. Knit the swatch and maybe wash it and see what happens . I would think you would get some stretch but not a lot.

fine, i got a grandma and a nana both telling me to swatch. so swatch, i shall. just swatch me.

I’ll swatch you, alright! Mind your manners, young’un. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’ve been thinking about this while knitting mermaid scales and I think that it should be stretchier than stockinette. After all, it’s rib, just offset. Assuming what you’re calling basketweave is the same thing I’m thinking of. Link to what I am thinking of. How many knits and purls you alternate would affect the stretch too I think.

My reconsidered opinion: Stretchy. I wouldn’t swatch. I’d allow for some extra stretch and use fewer stitches than for stockinette or smaller needles much like I do for rib.

Don’t know what GG’S got in her tea :rofl: but I still would swatch.

Tea…sounds good…I’ll have tea. It’s cold tonight!

By the time I did the swatch I could have done an inch of sock. Frogging an inch of sock isn’t that bad. I’d maybe sort of swatch by doing some flat knitting with the yarn and intended needles but not a really-o truly-o swatch. You’re a better knitter than I am. Of course you would swatch. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, really. I have a son older than him :mrgreen:
I did use the '“s” word …

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We’ve seen some of his knitting. I guess we better cut him a little slack. He knits nice.:thumbsup:

ha, thanks :slight_smile: but swatching, ugh, it’s like i’m allergic.

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You’re right GG, I know I’m impressed with his knitting and so very proud of him . But come on ,giving the boy a poke every now and then is what us old folks do when we like someone :rofl::rofl:

Well, I for one intend to be nice right now. Poor kid’s probably covered in hives from swatching. :mrgreen:

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i certainly hope you two are enjoying yourselves :wink:

I’ve always liked knitting basket-weave stitch. I find it easy to get into the rhythm of it.

Ah, he just was needling you.