Basketweave question

I’m a new knitter and apologize in advance if this is a bad question. I am trying to knit a basketweave blanket and the pattern says:
row 2-24 k18, p18
row 25-49 purl the knit, knit the purl.
Would this be:
Row 2 k18, p18
Row 3 p18, k18
Even rows as row 2, odd rows as row 3?
And then reverse for rows 25-49 and alternate to even rows as row 3 and odd rows as row 2?
I’m knitting flat.

I would interpret that as k18, p18 for all rows 2 through 24. That gives you blocks of stockinette and reversed stockinette. If switch off even & odd rows, you’ll end up with blocks of garter stitch. Though why it specifically states the first 2 - 24 but then says purl the purls and knit the knits for 25-29, I don’t know since that’s what you’re already doing. What is the pattern name?

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It’s called Quick Basketweave Knitted Throw Pattern from An Oregon Cottage site.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your reply!


What you want to do is the following:

Rows 2-24: K18, P18 across the row

Then for Row 25: You will Knit the Purl sts and Purl the Knit stitches
And for Rows 26-48: You will follow the previous row and Knit the Knit sts and Purl the Purl sts.

This will create big squares of stockinette and reverse stockinette sts. You will be learning how to “read” your knitting. Once you get your first row set in each section (Rows 2 and 25) you will be looking at the stitches to see if they are Knit or Purl. If the instructions tell you to Knit the Knits and Purl the Purls, you will look at the next st on the lefthand needle. If it looks like a V then you will knit it. If it looks like a bump, you will purl it. When the instructions tell you to Knit the Purls and Purl the Knits, if you see a V you will Purl it and if you see a bump, you will knit. But that is ONLY for Rows 2 and 25 in your pattern. If it will help you, you can place a circular marker in between each square to remind you to switch sts.

HTH, knitcindy

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I may have copied it wrong - it’s 2-24 k18, p18 and then it’s rows 25-49 that say purl the knit, knit the purl.
I’m going to proceed with:
Rows 2-24 as k18, p18
Rows 25-28 as p18,k18
Wish me luck! I’m terrified I’m going to get 24 rows into a 124 stitch cast on and have to ‘frog’ it (although I did just read an amazing tip on here from d23robin on how to create a lifeline so frogging is a bit less devastating!)
I sincerely appreciate the help - I was not expecting such quick and kind responses. This is an amazing resource!

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And btw, there is no such thing as a “bad question” here!!! We are all learning all the time!! Never be afraid to ask about anything you have a question about!!!



Well, you can try that, but like I said, the best thing is to be able to “read” your knitting! Once you get started you can look and compare your work with those pictures in the pattern. You want to have a section of 18 smooth V stitches alternating with sections of 18 bumpy stitches.

Compare your work with those pictures and see how far you get!! If you need more help, you can always post pictures here on the Forum so we can try to help!!

Happy Knitting!!

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Stay tuned - this is my biggest project so far. I’ve done hats and scarves, an ear warmer and a cat bed. I have done 1 blanket but it was all knit stitch.
I am elated to have found this resource!

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Also, another tip is to keep tally of your rows with a row counter (you may be using one already). Failing that, pen and paper to keep count of your rows.

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I actually use numbered cut-up notecards to count my rows and keep track of the pattern. I just clip the notecard to my work when I have to stop as a quick way to pick up where I left off.

This is wise advice. Once you can “read” your stitches it makes all your knitting so much easier. I used to panic when I got distracted when doing rivbing or something similar until I actually learned what the stitches look like.

This basketweave pattern has definitely helped me to ‘read’ my stitches - big blocks of each stitch side by side. I so appreciate all the advice and encouragement I’ve received - so glad I found you all :slight_smile:

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