Basketweave Pattern Question

I’m in the middle of making a scarf for my sister. I decided to go with a simple basketweave pattern, but I have a question: I’ve noticed that when I make the change from knitted to purled stitches, the first purl stitch looks really wide due to moving the working yarn from the back to the front of the piece. I’ve tried snugging the purl stich more closely to the needle, but it doesn’t help.

I really like this pattern so I know I’ll be using it for other things. Any suggestions on how to get that first purl stitch to look more uniform? It’s one of those things that my sister will never notice, but I know it’s there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If she won’t notice it, don’t sweat it. I’ve never knit anything “perfect” and probably never will, it’s the nature of 'hand-made". As long as you don’t point it out to anyone, no one will know.
KNIT ON !! :thumbsup:

Trucker’s probably right, but if you want to try to tighten it up, I find that when I’m switching from knit to purl, if I hold the yarn tightly over to the right (I knit English) as I make that first purl stitch, it shortens the distance between the two stitches and pulls them together.

Update: Once the scarf was done and lightly steam-blocked, it looked fine. My sister loved it (which is really all that matters)

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!