Basketweave pattern--loose stitches

I’ve finally decided to use up some Sugar 'n Cream by making my first washcloth, since so many people are raving about how much fun they are. I chose one with a basketweave pattern.

I’m noticing that particularly when I move from the purl section to the knit section (and some the other way around) the stitches get really loose and gappy looking.

I see as I get further along that it’s not quite as noticeable as I first thought (it seems to be evening out a bit), but still, I’m wondering if there’s a way to keep the stitches tight when switching?

If you work the first stitch after switching through the back loop, it uses less yarn and keeps the stitch tighter. When you go back on the other side, work it through the back loop again to untwist it.

Seems to work to tighten up those transitions.

This happens often when switching from purl to knit sts as in ribbing. It does usually even out as you go along or when you wash or block the object when you’re done.