Basketweave... holes when changing from knit to purl

I am doing a simple basketweave pattern k10, p10 across and on the reverse knit the purl and purl the knit.

But in every section that I change to purl I am getting holes and a long piece of yarn. I have tried to pull the wool tight on the first couple of purl stitches and that doesn’t seem to help.

I knit by throwing the wool - don’t know if that makes a difference. Anyway I was hoping someone would have some tips on how to not get these holes, it is really quite ugly!

Hi there. :wink:

When you bring the yarn in front to purl, are you bringing it between the needles? People often have a bit of a hole when switching from knit to purl and vice versa, but the long strand makes me think that you might be bringing the yarn over the needle somehow.

Yep, I am bringing the yarn between the needles.

When I started knitting I had everything all messed up and twisted. So I had to relearn and made sure I followed every step to the letter. I am confident that I am doing my stitches correctly but I am still stumped as to why I am getting the long strands???

Do you mean long strands between the purl and knit stitches that you’ve already done? That would just be from doing the stitch loosely, I believe.
Try to keep your needles and stitches as close together at that point, pulling the yarn so that the needles touch and using as small a motion as you can to pull the stitch through.

It would be exaggerated by a larger-sized needle and yarn, too. :thinking:

as one newbee to another…ugh…me too…those holes…

I’ve been practicing while making a scarf that is k5, p5 for 5 rows and then p5, k5 for 5 rows…

This is what I’ve done that seems to help:

when I move the thred from back (knitting) to front (to begin perling) I make sure my work twists toward me on the needle and I try to make the first purl rather tight.

i think I am getting the holes, or in my case a loose ridge of stitches because I knight tighter than I purl, so that’s why making sure that first change over stitch is nice and snug seems to help

make sense to you? hope so :XX:

It does make sense and I thought it was my problem, but now I don’t think so. I have been making sure that my last couple of knit stitches and the first couple of purl stitches are quite tight and also making sure that when I bring the yarn between the needles there isn’t any excess yarn. I have also used Ingrid’s suggestion of keeping the needles close and trying to make small motions.

But much to my frustration I am still getting the long strands where I change from knit to purl. Any other thoughts or suggestions???

Oh, and I am using sport weight with #9 needles, nice and small knitting perfect for a baby blanket, or so I thought. I am almost ready to scrap the pattern, but not quite yet because I am determined to know why I can’t make this part properly.

I think you’ve found the problem. Size 9 needles are really too big for sportweight. There is always some amount of stranding when switching (I was looking closely at mine yesterday and there is a bit), but I don’t think I’d go above a size 6 for sportweight, and 5 would be even better.

I never would have thought about the needles being to large!! The rest of the knitting looks just fine. Thanks so much for the tip. And I just came from a local store that is discontinuing their knitting supplies and I was able to buy circular’s from size 5 all the way to size 10!! So now I can try it again with the size 5 needles!!!

Thanks again!