Basketweave Blanket


I have started a baby blanket from Yellow House Designs, while I am concurrently working on a toddler sweater. Multi-tasking! The directions for the blanket state Row 9: cont seed stitch over 6 stitches (K8, P8) 14 times, seed stitch 6 sts. Row 10 repeats the exact directions. Then it states Row 11,13, 15, 17 same as Row 9. Row 12, 14, 16, 18 same as Row 10. This does not seem correct. Should it be P8, K8 for Row 10???


These checkerboard pattern blankets are so good looking
The last square of row 9 is P8 so the first square of row 10 should be a K8. Work the pattern as given and it’ll form the first tier of squares.


But salmonmac, what if Row 10 is starting the next group of squares?? Wouldn’t Row 10 be correct then??

That’s how I would read it.


Row 10 is correct as written. You’re repeating the K8P8 14 times so Row 9 will end with K8P8. That means Row 10 begins with K8P8 and ends the same way. So Row 10 is correct. This is are the beginning of the pattern squares so the checkerboard hasn’t switched yet.


So now that I began the rows it makes sense and I see the pattern developing. Again, thank you for you expertise and assistance.


Thank you for explaining the basketweave. I am now changing the rows on Row 19 with a P8, K8. The next row is back to a K8, P8. Is that row correct? Just checking. As an intermediate knitter I wish I was more sure of myself. Happy New Year and again thank you.


You recognize a mistake when you see it! Good going. Row 20 should be a (P8, K8) repeat.

Row 19: seed stitch over 6 sts, (P8, K8) 14 times, seed stitch over 6 sts
Row 20: continue seed stitch over 6 sts, (P8, K8) 14 times, seed stitch 6 sts

Keep an eye on your stitches and you’ll see where things are going wrong. If the pattern isn’t continuing as you expect or as the photo indicates, question it.


Great! Thank you. You are the best reference ever!!!


Still working on the Basket Weave Blanket. I am on the last skein (yea!!!). I have noticed that the last rows are 8 in some spots and 10 in others. I think I might have turned it by mistake since this type of knitting is so so so mundane. Any suggestions, besides unknitting?
Thank you,


I am finally on my last row for the Basket Weave blanket. On the last row which is the seed stitch, do you bind off in the seed stitch or do you do another row just in knit and bind off? Why I am having this doubt since I am probably overthinking this! Thank you


It’s a good thought. The recommended bind off is to work in seed stitch as you bind off.

Congratulations on getting to the end! I hope we get to see a photo.


I have tried to bind off in pattern before, but that has never worked well for me. My bind off row always ends up way too loose and the end looks wider than the beginning.

What I have tried is binding off with knitting every stitch. I do not knit the last row and then bind off. I knit and purl across the last row and then bind off using the knit stitch.

This is what works for me. I’m not sure why the other kind of bind off never works, but that is what happens.

I would love to see your finished blanket!!


Thank you so much for responding. I’ve have applied the seed stitch to the bind-off in pattern and the results are positive. The stitches are even and not loose. I will take a pic when I finish weaving in the ends.


Having difficulty uploading the photo of the basket weave blanket to share. I have taken the picture but it is not transferring over correctly. Any suggestions???


Have you used the landscape icon in the center top of the Reply box to upload the photo from your computer? One possibility is that the file might be too large. Around 200-240kb seems to work well.


This is what uploads from my photos.


This is a nice looking blanket! I have myself been considering to use basket weave in some project but I have not yet decided what project it will be.


How beautiful! The blanket is a treasure. Very well done.


You are all too kind! Thank you so much for your assistance in completing this project. What a fantastic site to go to for support. I have apprised other knitters in my community of this site.