Basket weave stitch after garter stitch?

Do you think I can get away with it?? To save me reposting the pics and stuff, I’ve put it in my blog (found at the bottom of my signature). Oh, and there is a pic of me with my new glasses in there, too. LOL

As long as you do the same thing at the other end, I think it would look fine. Keep an equal amount of garter on the edge, too, for a border.

I think it would look fine…of course basketweave is my fave baby blanket technique. If you’re too worried about big border/small basket repeats, you could make the squares bigger. Try 10 by 10 instead of 5 by 5, for instance. Also, check out the baby blanket in SnB–it has a four-squre “basket weave” that is simple and elegant and would look great with a thick border. It would be a little repetitive to knit, but basketweave is kind of like that anyway. Good luck,