Basket Weave Baby Blanket

I’m a new here, relatively. Completed two dishcloths. They even came out uniform. OTN is a scarf for my 2.5 y.o. DD

Anyway, what do you knitting gurus suggest needle and yarn wise?

Suggested is 5 skeins (2 oz ea.) soft wool or acrlic worsted weight yarn

The yarn they used in the picture was [i]Green Mountain Spinnery’s "Mountain Mohair, 70% wool, 30%yearling mohair.

Have you tried yet?

They seem to have a pretty extensive list of yarns to choose from though I don’t see Green Mountain Spinnery. Maybe you can use some of the other options to find a similar yarn. :??

Hope this helps.


Is it possible to use 13" straights for 105 cast on stitches?


Personally, I’d stick to a sz 7 or 8, esp if using a worsted weight. 13s will be HUGE and make the fabric very loose and swimmy (able to poke fingers thru). Whatever fiber blend you choose, make sure it’s able to be machine washed and dried if for baby use. You might want to go for cotton blend. If you’ve not already, wander over to and check out the Yarn forum. Lots of advice and suggestions. If you locate a fiber content in a more expensive yarn, and want to sub something cheaper, try or


Oops, I meant sz 9 13" long.

you should be fine, although it will ultimately depend on what yarn you go with. I’ve put 200+ on a needle before…

Thanks for reply, five_six.

picked this up in a 6 oz, Grey Heather. I just hope it is soft enough. It’s has to be washable for my 5 mth old DS

Hi Dangles,

Aren’t you near Vancouver??? And near a Starbucks ?? I posted to you in Knitters Knear You … maybe we are “knear” enough to meet at Starbucks! :hug: Or come to the knitting night in White Rock.


Knitting in White Rock?? where where? roll out the yarn and lead the way :happydance:

Hi Dangles,

Knitting Night at Knitopia in White Rock is the first and third Thursdays of each month … they just had it the other night so the next one is Feb. 15th, then March 1st and March 15th … from 7-9 p.m. … really a lot of fun … we get to fondle the yarns and knit with other likeminds … one lady even brings her little dog who goes around from person to person to find an empty lap … I live in Fleetwood, are you near me? Then there is the meetup on Sunday (tomorrow) in downtown Vancouver.


Hmm … noted. But my DS still nurses … I wonder if it will be ok if I brought him along? :?? :shrug:

Oh I’m sure it would be fine! These ladies are lovely and your DS would probably be a huge hit! The room is a bit cool but she does have a nice space heater. :hug:


Oh I’m sure it would be fine! These ladies are lovely and your DS would probably be a huge hit! :hug:


i will make note of it then wheeee :cheering: and I could get home just in time for Grey’s :cheering: five minutes from Knitopia.

Perhaps I could call. Forgive me for being a newb but do we have to sign up for it? How much is it?

No, you don’t have to sign up to my knowledge … I didn’t, I just went … no charge either … just a gathering for tea and knitting! :hug: How far are you from White Rock?


Most excellent. 'Fraid I will be the slowest knitter :oops:

I’m on my first project … join the club of slow knitters. :teehee:


Nahh, I’d be a lot slower