Basics of Increasing

I’m working on a top for my 18" doll’s Christmas outfit. Right now, I want to increase a little going down over the back, towards the waist. Making doll clothes I usually want to [B]de[/B]crease, doing the skirts.

In stocking st, after a lot of trial and error (and frogging :frog: ) I find for decreases k2tog is the least visible. Which increase would show least? I’ve gone over our videos, and also I noticed about a month back salmonmac said her favourite is KLL and KRL - but the person who made the videos didn’t like this one because she felt it pulled.

So I guess our individual tension and preferences come into it all right, but I’d appreciate suggestions. My trial and error method could use a boost :slight_smile:


Yes, you know my ‘go-to’ increase. Here’s a videofrom Eunny Jang. The first increase is a nice one to know and the second is the one I like to use. See if you like either or try them out on some scrap yarn to see what the effect is. She also continues with a primer on some other increases (all of which are also on the KH Increases tab).

The KLL/KRL don’t always pull, it depends on your gauge and how close together the incs are. If they’re more than every 4th row, they don’t pull, usually they don’t if they’re every other row. Doing a backward loop (the m1A and m1T on the incs page) is probably the next least visible. Don’t pull the yarn tight on them though or you may get small holes; leaving a little looseness in the yarn fills in any gaps.

Eunny Jang is a great teacher. I knew most of those increases already and have used them but she makes it so easy to follow what she is doing and to understand why she does it as she does. Thanks for link.

I am working a k2 p2 for 2 rows, then p2 k2 for 2 rows so I’m alternating the k and p across and up and down. I finally settled on the M1 increase that uses the bar between the stitches; it is so hard to tell where I increased so I have to keep careful tabs by marking where I made the new stitch.

??? I’ve never done any of the complicated knitting, so this is probably a dumb question (and yes, I believe there are dumb questions and I ask them lol) - but I would’ve thought an increase would wreck that pattern. The pattern sounds like it makes little squares - it’s like seed stitch only 2 sts instead of 1, right? I’d have thought you could only incr at the beginning and end of the rows ?

I tried reading through an earlier post on increasing, before I started this thread - and I couldn’t even follow what they were talking about! I guess the real question is - can I possibly live long enough to become a knowledgable knitter, lol.

What about the M1L/M1R, on the incs page? They’re the favourites of the video creator. They look easier to do than the KLL/KRL :slight_smile: hehe

Yes, this makes a sort of checked pattern (It might be moss stitch, I really should look it up). I am increasing 1 on the edge every 4 rows, I’m doing 2 pcs for a sweater front. I would not attempt to figure out how to do an “in pattern” increase at this point. I just got finished doing some short row shaping, figuring that out was an experience. If I decide to do any decreasing it will definitely be at the edge.

I do not consider your question in response to what I said dumb. It’s logical and a very reasonable question. I hope I haven’t hijacked your thread; my main point really was to say that the increase is very hard to see.

The M1L/R actually do pull more especially if you only have 1 stitch between the incs. They pull up the yarn from the previous row and unless you knit loose, there’s often gaps, even when you knit the yarn tbl. The M1A is the easiest, it’s just a backward loop around the needle.

No, I don’t feel the slightest bit hijacked :slight_smile: That’s good information.

As for dumb - my question seemed logical enough to me, but for some reason I am totally unable to picture in my mind what will happen IF I do something in knitting - until I do it. So - I never know when I’m just missing it completely, and what I can’t picture is totally clear to everyone else. So I also never know if my questions are beyond dumb lol. It’s amazing to me that people ever invented stitch patterns in the first place :notworthy: