Basic Top Down Mitten Help

I decided to try my hand at mittens. I found a pattern that looked simple and easy enough for my first pair. I got to a part I am not sure about and would like clarification.

[I]K across needle 1. k2, then k next 4 sts with a piece of waste yarn.[I]

Now do I use waste yarn and not the working yarn to knit these stitches? I think that is what it is saying but I am not 100% sure and I really don’t want to proceed it my understanding is wrong.

You just use the scrap yarn to knit 4 sts. What does it say to do next?

Here is the complete part.

[I]K across needle 1. K2, then k next 4 sts with a piece of waster yarn.
slip waste yarn sts back to LH needle and k again with working yarn. k to end of round.[/I]

Do just what it says. Knit the sts on the first needle, on the next one, knit 2, drop your working yarn and k4 with the scrap yarn. Then you put them back on the left needle and knit them with the working yarn and knit the rest of the sts. The 4 sts will form the base of the thumb and when you’re finished, you pick out the scrap yarn and put the sts on needles (there will be 8 from the upper and lower part of the sts), pick up a couple more and knit the thumb.

Thanks That is what I thought but I wanted to make sure.