Basic stitch

Hello all I am new to this site and new to knitting but I have a question hoping someone can help.

I jsut started to knit… I have an example… for instance I cast on say 11 stitches… as I start to knit a basic english stitch or purel stitch it seems that my stitches on the needle grow last night it went from 11 to 17 in just four rows… Is this normal and how to I keep the number of stitches that I casted on with.

Please Help
Keri :??

I would look carefully at the beginning/ending of each row. You might be accidentally wrapping the yarn around the needle (see, you’ve learned to do a yarn over without realizing it!) causing you to increase the number of stitches.

make sure that the yarn is pulled under and behind the needle too. If it is up and over you will see what looks like two stitches to knit into.


Its hard for us to know exactly what you are doing without seeing your work… Can you posta picture?

Also, take a good look at Amy’s video on English knitting…bring your knitting in front of your monitor and compare what you are doing to what she is doing. See if that helps.

Keri, I struggled with that same complaint for about the first week or two that I knit. It nearly drove me crazy; I got so tired of having to rip everything out. I’d think I was being unbelievably careful in paying attention to what I was doing, yet I’d still end up with those extra stitches. :wall:

I posted a similar question to yours, and it turns out that I was doing exactly what MrsBear said. I was accidentally wrapping the yarn over (in essence, making an increase) without realizing it. Once I discovered what I’d been doing, it’s only happened to me…maybe once or twice since. It didn’t always happen to me at the beginning of a row, but more often than not, that is when it was occuring. I got into the habit of counting my stitches at the end of every row until I became confident that I was no longer doing this.

Someone here suggested that when beginning to knit a new row, I make sure that my work on the left needle is hanging down and the stitches are all lined up neatly. It made it less likely to accidentally yarn over.