Basic Sock Question

I am new to this forum, but have knit for many years. I am trying my first pair of socks. They are a pattern from Plymouth Yarns for Sockatta yarn. I feel like I am knitting them “inside out”. Is that right or am I holding the 3 needles wrong? I am about to start the heel and very excited about the videos which show me what to expect!!!

Have you knit in the round before? It should be just like any other time you have done that except on smaller needles. The stitches you’re working on should be facing you directly…sometimes when people pick up circular knitting again they accidentally work on the backside stitches rather than the front causing it to look inside out. These pictures might help:

So, should can I turn it inside out to continue? I see what I did, I should have been watching the baseball game while I was doing this!!

KathleenQuilts, could you share what you see that you did? I started my first pair of socks and seem to be knitting them inside out as well. And when I appeared to have fixed the inside-out problem, I was knitting them upside down (the sock was coming UP toward me instead of down through the needles to my lap).

I seem to be having related problems on right side/wrong side in another circular knitting project.

Kathlelen, yes, just flip it inside out so the RS is on the outside and knit with the needles closer to you or `on top’.

hmmm… maybe I’ve been doing it “wrong” too? I am making a pair of socks right now that are rightside out, and just for comfort sake I am knitting the stitches at the left side of the “v” that the needles make. I guess that means I am knitting the “top” stitches? my socks seem to turn out kinda fine though, that’s why I put the wrong in “”:shrug:

Whichever way works for you. If you’re not satisfied or think there’s something `wrong’, then try it a different way.

There are some pics floating around here, but the way I always see it described is that when you are drinking from a glass, you know how you are drinking from the near side of the glass, not the side opposite you? That is what you should be doing here, knitting from the nearest side. So turn the sock right side out, and try it that way.

However if you prefer it that way, knitting on the far side of the circle, there is no reason not to continue, having the sock come out inside out is no problem, sometimes it is beneficial: I know many people do stranded colourwork this way to keep the tension good. You can simply turn things right way round when finished, or when you need to carry out a complicated manoeuver.

I just figured out earlier today that this is exactly why my socks were inside out, I was knitting off the far side “of the glass”. I will try knitting off the near side, but in the end I might stick with what I’m doing, because it feels quite natural to me. One question about sticking with what I’m doing: Will knitting inside out mean that I have to knit the heel flap or pick up the gusset stitches differently?

I always knit the socks inside out because I just like to do it that way–I turn them the “right” way when I start on the heel stuff . . . they are always fine! As long as you know the right side and wrong side you should be okay.