Basic question

Hello everyone,

I’m new to knitting and I’m just dreadful at teaching myself how to knit. I’m completely stuck and seem to end up with big knotty, blobby things that don’t look like anything. I’m only partially exaggerating because I haven’t ended a project yet!

Supposedly, this is a very basic beginners project that requires me to cast on 66 stitches. This is for a scarf, by the way. Now, it’s knit 2, purl 2 all the way across until I end up with 52 inches of scarf. The casting on is fine, the knit is fine, the purl is fine. HOWEVER, when I switch from knitting to purl, I no longer get the pretty stitches I once had, but it’s a cross over stitch on top. It looks like an X where the stitches should look like: l l l l l l l. What am I doing wrong?

I watched the knitting and purling videos where she seems to be holding up the string above the needles. I tried that and this is what I get. I’m very discouraged by this very simple pattern. Please help! :oops:

Thank you in advance.

It sounds like you’re putting your yarn over your needle when you switch back and forth. Put the yarn between the needles when you switch from knit to purl, see if that makes a difference.

Oh dear. :rollseyes: I tried. The first row went on okay, no crossovers, now for the second, and I get another crossover! Is there anyway to undo the stitches you’ve just done (just purls, knits) without unravelling the work?

Thank you, Ingrid, for your last pointer! I made it through one row…now problems with the second. :oops:

well i thought the same thing that Ingrid did when i first read it but if you did what she said and you are still getting them, my other guess would be that when you are inserting your needle you are getting under the stitch below or if you are using two yarns, the loop isn’t getting pulled through both of them.

can you tell if it happening more when you are knitting or purling? do you have some scrap yarn that you can do some test swatching on and just knit one swatch and purl another to see if it happens then?

And here’s a way to correct mistakes. (Scroll down)

The crossover definitely happens more on the purl stitch.

I had a seasoned knitter look at it (after starting over again!). There is something about the junction between the knit and purl stitches. She told me to bring the yarn in front, between the stitches, when switching from knit to purl, and then move the yarn to the back, between the stitches, when switching from purl to knit. So far, it’s worked for the first row!

Now, she said in doing the second row, I start with a purl stitch to get the rib pattern. On the 66 stitches that I cast on, I began with a knit stitch, and finished with a knit stitch. The instructions then say to K2, P2 until end. Does that seem right for a rib pattern?

Thanks a bundle, Brendajos!

If you begin with a knit stitch and end with a knit stitch, you should start and end with purls for a rib pattern. If you had a multiple of 4 and were doing k2p2 ribbing, then you would start with a knit. Basically, whatever you ended with, start with the opposite on the next row. After a few rows you’ll be able to tell by looking at your knitting when to knit and purl–knit the v’s and purl the bumps.