Basic pattern confusion - rib is misaligned


I’m trying to knit this pattern:

It looks like rib all the way up but having knitted just one row I cannot get the rib to work. I am misaligned. The pattern is (I’m doing the second size)

Row 1: K2 [0…], *p1, k3, rep from * to last 3 [1…] sts, p1 [1…] k2 [0…]
Row 2: k0 [0…], (p1, k1) 1 [0…] time *k2, p1, k1 rep from * to last 3 [1…] sts (k2, p1) 1 [0…] time, k0 [1…]

The last ten stitches on my first row are:

KPKKKPKKKP (which looks right in relation to the pattern)

But when I turn it over that means that I then have:

row 1: …KPKKKPKKKP (end of row)
row 2: …KKKPKKKPKK (start of row)

There is no clear pattern when rows 1 and 2 should be setting the pattern.

I really can knit but the more I look at this the less I can see what I’m getting wrong.

Many thanks for the help!

Best wishes, Emma


You show the last stitches of each row but not first few.
For 2nd size:
Row 1: (p1, k3) repeating across row to the last stitch. p1 in last stitch
Row 2: (k2, p1, k1) repeating across row until last stitch which you knit.

Sorry - the first row starts PKKKPKKK…and continues to the last ten

The row 2 is the start so row 1 in my first message was the last 10 stitches and row 2 was the first 10 stitches of that row so the misalignment was clear (the stitches are in effect how they are on the needle).


This looks like a variant of seed stitch rib. I think you’ll need to knit a few rows before you see the rib pattern emerge

This gives you single rib columns separated by seed stitch columns

Thanks so much rcubed - that is very helpful. I will persevere!

I haven’t seen that stitch before and didn’t recognise it for what it was.

Thanks, Emma

Rcubed is correct, this isn’t straightforward rib. In fact it’s a variation on Mistake Rib. Here’s another look at it.

You’ll soon see the columns of Vs stand out on each side.


Thanks so much for the link - that’s very helpful.