Basic newbie knitting/crochet supplies?

Hi there. I’m completely new to knitting (just started learning last week) and would like some suggestions as to what basic supplies are useful to purchase for some beginner projects. Right now I have size 11 aluminum straight needles that I’m practicing with (I’m planning on making a basic garter stitch scarf to start off with). What other sizes should I consider getting? Which are the most common? I would like to buy some kind of needle for stitching pieces together. What kind should I get? Embroidery needle? Darning needle? I’m not sure what the difference is. I also would love to crochet eventually, and I’m wondering what kind/size needles are useful to have in the beginning. Any other supplies I should consider buying?

-Addicted to knitting already! :knitting:

Hi. You might want to get something in about a size 8 or 9 for denser knits. Don’t use an embroidery/sewing needle for sewing edges together, you want one with a blunt tip, like darning or tapestry needle. I use crochet hooks, about 2 sizes smaller than the needle I knit on. The smaller sizes are also good for picking up dropped sts in your knitting or for other repairs, but for regular crocheting or putting an edge on a knit item, you need one about a size larger. So for worsted yarn, instead of an 8 or 9/H or I hook, you need about an I or J. That’s about all you need to get started and do most anything.

I think the problem beginners have is that they get so excited about their new skill that they want to jump in and do it all. Slow down! The two basic things you need are: yarn and needles. I had one set of needles that I used to practice with. After I got better, I would look at patterns. If I saw one I liked, then I would go out and buy the appropriate needles I wanted to do the project. Our collections of needles are something we acquired gradually by buying one at a time for each project. You’ll get there eventually.

Needle sets are nice, but you should knit for a while to see if you will really like it before you buy a lot. And as for accessories, what I like to use you may not. That’s an individual thing depending on each knitter. Some knitters like to use cable needles of all different kinds. I’ve learned to do it without one. I don’t own one. Some love double points. I despise them and only use circulars with magic loop. Eventually you’ll “get your groove on” when it comes to your individual style. In the mean time, work on your basics first until it becomes a habit you don’t think about.

Yup, that’s me! :teehee: Lol. Last night, I decided to start my basic garter stitch scarf, and about 20 rows in, I decided I was bored with the plain pattern and started doing a basket weave stitch!.. I may be in over my head a bit, but we’ll see how it turns out (I’ll probably end up with a really messy multi-patterned scarf). I’ll post pics if I ever get done so you guys can judge. :slight_smile:

That’s good advice. I think I’m just gonna stick with what I have and buy what I need for the next project I decide to tackle. Thanks!

Garter stitch IS boring! Though it makes good tv watching projects after you’ve had some experience. Basketweave is a good stitch to do, and trying out some other sts gets you a sampler scarf, which is pretty cool.

I agree with that one. Garter is one I try to avoid. Although it does look cute in baby booties.

Thank you for posting this! I’m also a semi-beginner, and its great to see what everyone is replying

Some good basic supplies to start off with for your supply bag:

small scissors
plastic darning needle (with blunt tip)
rubber point protectors

But the other person was right – all you really “need” to start off with is yarn and needles!!

Happy Knitting!!!

String and pointy sticks are all you [I][B]really [/B][/I]need.

I [I]do [/I]keep several other handy items in my bag that I’ve found useful over the years. Eventually I’m sure you’ll reach a point where you’ll want some of them, or items like them, though they aren’t necessary by a long shot.

Small folding scissors, large blunt yarn needles, small retractable ruler for measuring the length of the project or gauge, a crochet hook for quickly picking up dropped stitches, small plastic rings for stitch markers, safety pins for marking my work (to mark an increase row, or to mark every 10th row so I can keep count when the number of rows is important). A small notebook and retractable pen are pretty handy too–i often get ideas, see a color pattern on a sweater, or make a small change in the pattern I’m following and want to remember it later.

I put the small loose stuff in pill bottles–keeps them tidy and I can see through the side of the bottle to see what’s inside, no need to label anything.