Basic knitting queries

Hi All,

I am a newbie in knitting. I have just completed a simple hat… which looks adorable :happydance:

I have simply followed the instructions of a pattern that i found online.
Now i wonder how do people actually come to decide a pattern!
I mean they go like k2,p4,k2,yo… etc…

Like for socks i saw, it said take 42 and divide them in 3 needles…

Is there some counting method like after these many knits there should be these many purls… or probably yarn over…

Please excuse me if these questions sound dumb…:aww:
I just want to confirm that I have not missed something basic in terms of knitting !


You want to find some basic stitch patterns to incorporate into your sock. There are some at, and Most socks start with ribbing at the cuff to help them stay up, then go to either stockinette or a lacey or cable pattern. You have to have the right number of stitches for your pattern, for instance, your 42 sts is divisble by 7, or a 6 plus 1 stitch pattern or 5 plus 2 sts. There are a lot of patterned socks at too, look in the archive section.

I am sure everyone designs a pattern differently, but I think the same basic considerations are made for all designs.

Gauge is a big factor in determining stitch count, you need to make sure you have enough stitches to get the right size (# of stitches x # of inches). Also, they would need to decide on the stitch pattern. For stitches like garter or stockinette, stitch count doesn’t matter. But if the designer wants to use a different stitch pattern they would have to make sure they have the right number of stitches (like Suzeeq mentioned above). Which means they might have to go up or down a few stitches from the first measurement. You can find stitch pattern’s in books or online. Here is one resource.

How people created all of those fabulous pattern stitches is beyond me. Must have taken a lot of patience, trial and error, and accidents, as well as some very good documentation.

Edited to add link.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but when you divided the stitches between needles always put a knit as the first stitch and purl as the last. Purls tend to be looser and it’s hard enough to keep from getting ladders for some people so having a knit stitch first makes it easier. :thumbsup:

Can anyone please explain how this pattern is made? What do you call this pattern? I’m not too familiar with the abbreviations…so can someone send a video or explain in simpler language.
Thank you.

It may be a version of broken rib in two colors. It’s oriented upside down from the example here:

You may have to play around with the colors to get the look of your example.