Basic Knit Bind-off with Crochet hook

I’m wondering if anybody else does the basic bind offs (knit, purl) with a crochet hook in the right hand instead of a needle? I find it a bit easier for the passing over of stitches, and since you’re only working with two stitches on the right needle, I don’t have to worry about too much work for my utensil.

I find it awkward to form the sts with the hook, but what I do is knit a final row with a needle about 3-4 sizes larger, then slide the sts back to the beginning of the row, and slip st the sts off the needle with the hook. It’s the same thing, just done differently.

I think it’s a great idea, but I never seem to think of it, or there’s not a crochet hook handy, so I wind up doing it the other way. :teehee:

Every chance I get! :yay: (Sometimes there’s no hook handy, but there usually is.)

I’ve never tried it! It sounds like something to try on my next project. I’m doing socks right now so there is not binding off, just grafting.

I use a crochet hook all the time for binding off. I bind off looser with the hook then with the needles.