Basic Knit Bind-Off Extra Loop

[color=purple]Hi! I’ve just learnt how to knit, cast on and bind off. I learnt bind off from this site (basic knit) but once done the ‘knit 1, pass 1st over 2nd’ all down the knitting, I’m left with a spare loop on the right needle. What do I do with that??[/color]


break off your yarn, pass it through the loop, and weave it in. It is odd that nobody really tells you how to handle that loop…i sat with an unfinished scarf for about 2 weeks because i couldn’t figure out what to do with that loop and hadn’t found this group yet! :wink:

Thanks a lot!! I did what you said and it turned out fine. I am thinking of knitting a scarf now. Do you have any tips for me??

Thanks again