Basic "German sock" pattern?

I want to learn to make socks. Really bad. And I just want the most simple, plain, basic sock to learn, then I can do whatever. I just want the plain, simple sock. The knitting teacher at LYS suggested I get a pattern for the basic German sock, but I don’t really know what that is. I’ve found some stuff about German-knit heel, but I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I need.
Does anyone know a simple, basic German sock pattern?

do a search for “Silver’s sock tutorial”, it rocks my lame ass.


Check in - go into the pattern section, and then into the sock section, and you´ll have tons to go through and choose from.


Maybe what she meant is the basic pattern that comes with Opal sock yarn. It’s here

I’d vote for Silver’s tutorial. Very simple to follow.

Oooh, yes, I think that’s it. Because she said the heel was using half the stitches and the toe and everything were all in multiples of four. Thank you so much!!
I’ve yet to be disappointed on :smiley: