Basic/Easy knit Baby Sweater and Tank Top

Someone was asking about baby sweaters out of worsted weight yarn.
I found this while crusing sites, and thought it would be a great quick and easy baby gift.
It knits on a 5mm needle.

Laura C

That’s really cute! I wonder if that incredible yarn is soft… it’s definitely pretty, but some ribbon yarns like that can be scratchy!

Iam not sure. Iam going to substitute plymouth encore for the sweater, as it is so soft and machine washable.
Iam not a big ribbon yarn fan.

Laura C

I actually LOVE Lion Incredible. Its soft and springy, stretches beautifully. It also has a lovely silky shine to it. The only negative I have found is that the dye pattern varies GREATLY from dye lot to dye lot, so just be sure you can get enough of one dye lot for your entire project.

Ooh, I’m adding that to my “baby list” - do you think the Emerald Isle colorway would work for a boy or girl?