Basic commonly used needle set

I asked at Ravelry but since I know not everyone here is over there I thought I’d ask here as well. Right now I have a size 8 single point set and just about every pattern I look at uses something else, like a 4 or a 7 or a DPN or circulars. So I was curious… Is there a couple of needles of each type, single point, double point and circular, that are used more than others and would make a good starter set?

The only think that comes to my mind is if you knit a lot of socks, you’ll need size 3, 2, 1 and/or 0 and even 00 - in which ever needle type you perfer (double pts, 2 circs or 1 circ.)

You can invest in one of the interchangable sets (Denise or Knitpicks Options) - that will cover lots of sizes if you can afford the $50 or so one-time investment.

I second the interchangables (whichever brand strikes your fancy). If not, I’d just get the sizes when you begin a new project. That way you don’t stock up on sizes you end up not using.

I agree with the interchangable set. Denise doesn’t have a needle size smaller than a 5 though. Site said the part/mold needed to put the needle on cann’t be made any smaller. This is a cheaper option in the end.

I went to E-Bay for needles. There are lots and lots including Addi interchangables. Prices are good if you bid at the right time and decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend and don’t exceed that amount. I never bid until the last few minutes. I think it is kinda fun and I have never been burned.:knitting:

I also would go with the interchangeables as a good starter suggestion. If you are just getting going with knitting, you’re unlikely to hit socks immediately, so DPNs would not be that important, but a great assortment of interchangeable circulars will enable you to do, oh, 90% of the patterns you look at. I bought piece-meal, a pair here, a pair there from November through January, and I would bet I spent well at least $100 to get the assortment of 10"/14" straights in bamboo, plastic and good old Boye metal (all of which I no longer use). That’s well over the price of the Harmony Options my husband gave me for my b-day in Feb., yet there were plenty of times when I didn’t have the needle I wanted for the project I was looking at. Now I have anything I would want from sz 4 to sz 11. :slight_smile: LOVE my Options!! I’m saving my pennies, so to speak, so that I can add the 13’s and get the fixed circulars for sizes below 4, and maybe try some metal tips, too. :slight_smile: And, eventually, some DPNs to replace the bamboo ones that get blunt tips after the first project is completed. :frowning:

Ditto they travel well too. If you have a connector or part that weas they will replace NO charge with a smile.:blooby: :yay: :waving:

Not always. Socks were the reason I decided to try knitting.

Of course I haven’t finished my first pair of socks yet but I have finished, almost finished and started flat/seamed items and hats on DPNs.

Although I like DPNs I suggest the interchangables even if socks are the ultimate goal. You can always work around not having DPNs if you have circulars.
You may be limited to slipper socks or heavy socks but at least you can make them (at least with the #4 that comes with Options).

If you order the Options and at least a 32" #3,2,1,0 you will be set for everything including socks if you do them using magic loop.

Since you are a beginning knitter, the suggestions to buy needles in sets are good ones. Last year I bought a lot of sets on eBay from Flying–Whale. They all have bamboo tips. They are available in dp, circular & single. The bamboo has not been treated in any way so they might feel rough at first but will very quickly become seasoned once you start knitting with them. The “cords” on the circulars are a sturdy plastic tubing. I have used my sets a LOT so a few of the circ joins have failed but I just clean up the other end of the tips & glue them back on.
If you watch the bidding for a while, you can get some really good buys on the sets. Just decide the max $ you want to spend & quit if the bidding gets higher than that. These needles have been on this site for at least 3 yrs so the supply for the most part seems unlimited.

  I have never been sorry that I bought multiple sets.  I have purchased MANY needles over the years & like these best.  As an aside, I have been knitting SO long that I probably have projects older than you are.

  Also, if you do buy from Flying--Whale & want to mention that you were referred by jmo6317, I would appreciate it.

  Good luck,          Julianne