Basic Chemo Hat/cap

Does anyone know of a good simple knitted (crochet ok too) chemo cap. I have a friend who is under going chemo and may loose her hair. Although she bought a wig, I thought a cute colorful cap for night wear would be nice. Sort of a night cap. She is cold natured anyway. And if she doesn’t loose her hair, she can wear it or do what ever she wants with it.


What about Odessa?

You can find a whole bunch of patterns at Head Huggers.

Thanks, maybe that will help simplify - soooo many patterns. :XX: :XX:
They are pretty too.

Thanks again. :smiley:


Hi Knittylou

There’s patterns for chemo hats at:

There’s also a site called - it’s exactly that - there’s a variety of hats that have hair attached to the base to give the same natural appearance of hair peeking out from underneath. They’re based in Tampa FL.

All Best Wishes to you and your friend.


this is a great hat … it is called the simplest cap … I have done a few of these …

I really like the Halfdome hat on the new knitty ( issue. I’m making one for my brother who lives in Australia is suffering in winter and is balding =P

The only thing I would say is that the biggest size takes over 1 skein of the main colour - his calculations appear quite far off on the big size!

I don’t have aany hat patterns to add to the mix, but I wanted to tell you that I wish your friend all the best.