Basic cast on stitch


i’m a true beginner at knitting so i’m a little after a half hour of trying to do the cast on stich i finally got it. my question is how do i add more rows and create a bigger piece. i went to the second step to learn the knit stitch and the video starts with a big piece already knitted how do i do that is there a video.

You just do the basic knit stitch. The fact that she’s working from a larger piece doesn’t really affect the way you do the stitches. If you watch in the video, she’s just knitting from each stitch that’s on the left needle - and the stiches on the left needle look basically the same whether you’re working cast-on row and or you’ve been working it into a larger knitted piece. So if you follow the basic instructions to knit from her video, it’s going to work even for the first row. If you’ve already casted on, you’re ready for the regular knit stitch video. Don’t give up; keep trying! :smiley:

You can see what redheadrachel means in the video of the small project, here…

It shows starting it and knitting and purling and casting off.