Basic baby hat pattern needed

My brother wants me to knit a beanie hat for their baby in his teams footy colours. I dont have DPN or circulars, so I’m looking for a simple pattern that can be knitted on straight needles.

Any links would be great.


Hi there! I just posted a pink one that I made for my granddaughter under FO Baby stuff. Very simple. If you want to look at that and if it is what you are looking for I can direct you to it, it was a free pattern

Here’s a few -

HERE is a quick and easy knit baby hat that could be done in any color or color combination. It is worked on straight needles, then the seam is sewn to finish the hat.

Hope this helps,

I use this one for a basic baby hat and also a charity hat pattern, because it is quick, and it is also versatile and lasts long after baby comes home from the hospital. It can be knit on circular or straight needles. Here’s my pattern

Thanks for the links. Exactly what I was looking or. I knitted this up today…