Basic arm length fingerless glove

I just a stockenette fingering weight elbow length glove. It can have fingers or not.
I just want it for the sizing.


On Ravelry there are some free stockinette fingerless glove patterns. But all the ones shown only come halfway up the arm.

If you have a yarn in mind, you could just calculate them number of stitches to cast on by dividing your gauge on a 4" swatch by 4 (so that gives you stitches per inch.) Then multiply by your arm circumference.

I would do that…if it was for me.

Everyone’s arms are different lengths and circumferences, so if you can get the other person’s measurements that will work. You can look for some pattern on sites like and to get some idea of the average sizes. Even if the pattern isn’t in plain stockinette, you should be able to figure out the measurements.

Lissa, I figured you probably already knew how to calculate stitches based on gauge.

Unlike ribbing, stockinette has less stretch. Most people have bigger forearms on their dominant side. For example, I’m right handed, and my right forearm is 1/2" larger than the left. So if you are knitting for a gift, I’d make one forearm wider (based on their handedness) than the other. If it helps any, my left forearm is 10 1/2" & right 11".

Unless there’s an obvious R and L, I don’t think knitting one a bit smaller than the other is going to work. If it gets on the ‘wrong’ arm it’s going to be a nuisance to switch them, so they should both be the same size. Unless knit at a very tight gauge, stockinette will stretch enough to accomodate a measurement ½" more.

Melissa, There’s a very nice looking, lacy elbow length glove at Lion Brand. The pattern is #80773A. It is a crochet pattern, however, they call it one sz. so you might get a pretty good idea of length etc. I always love the one size label. It can indicate too big or too small. I’d think you’d love the pattern. I saw your post of the lace shawl you did which is absolutely stunning!! Jean