Baseball cap?

The helper needs help… :teehee: Anyone know of a knitted baby baseball cap? I found some for adults, but not babies.

I found this pattern hope it is what you are looking for,1448.html

I just realized that the pattern above costs $32. That’s not much of a help but will keep trying.

It’s so cute! It is a kit which is why it costs so much. :shrug: Thanks for trying though.

But if read it carefully it also has a book with it,that’s why it’s so much:teehee:

Here is a baby ball cap with ear flaps. If you leave off the ear flaps, you have baby baseball cap.
Here is a adult baseball cap which looks easy to cut down to size. Can’t beat the price.:wink:

Thanks Freyja. I don’t really want to bother with resizing as I don’t have a huge amount of time. The other one is adorable, but it’s felted so of course the sizing would be off on that as well. They are both possibilities though. :wink:

Hi Jan, do you think you could just take a baby beanie pattern and
add a brim to it? The hat Topi from Knitty has a neat way of adding
a brim. It’s just a short row “pocket” on the front of that you
can add some stick something stiff in it so it stands out a bit.

Just a thought…

Libbie :slight_smile:

I thought of that Libbie, but it was the brim that tripped me up. I will check out Knitty. Thanks!

I stumbled upon this kiddie cadet and thought of you.

Ohhhhh thank you! I bet that can be tweaked to look more like a ball cap, too. :think: