Barnyard Guernsey Sweater Pattern help needed!

Hi All,

I am working on this sweater (free to download here:

I have already completed this part:
With larger needle, CO 168 (196, 224, 252) sts. Join to work in the rnd, being
careful not to twist sts. Pm for BOR.
Work in St st (knit every rnd) until pc meas 7 (7½, 8, 8½)" (measuring with the
edge unrolled and not allowed to curl).
Work Chevron Border (rnds 1-19).
Work Guernsey Diamonds until pc meas 16½ (17¼, 18, 18¾)".

And now I am stuck here:

Divide for sleeves:
Keeping in pattern, work across 84 (98, 112, 126) sts.
Sl the rem sts to waste yarn.
Working on 84 (98, 112, 126) back sts only, cont as est in Guernsey Diamonds,
working back and forth in rows, until pc meas 24 (25, 26, 27)". BO all sts.
Sl sts from waste yarn to needle for front and cont as for back unitl pc meas 3"
less than length of back. Mark center 12 (14, 16, 16) sts by pm 36 (42, 48, 55) sts
from each edge

I am not understanding the pattern.

Thanks so much for the help!!

Welcome to the forum!
So nice to have a Norah Gaughan to work on. Her patterns are lovely.
You’ve been working in the round on the body but now it’s time to leave an opening for the sleeves. To do that you’ll work with half the sts and put the other half on hold.

The back is worked first while the front sts are on hold. Instead of working in the round you’ll turn at the end of the given number of sts (84 for the smallest size). Turn as you would at the end of a row. Slip the other sts onto waste yarn or a holder for the front. You’ll get to them later.

You’ve been working the chart from right to left every round. When you knit the back, you’ll be knitting flat or back and forth. Read the chart from right to left on the right side (RS) or public side of the back. Work the chart from left to right on the wrong side (WS) or private side of the knitting. The chart gives you a key to understand how to work the sts on the WS.


Thanks so much for your comment, it is really helpful!

OK so if I understand well, my next step is to work across 84 stitches (back) until my piece measures 24" and I will slip the remaining stitches (front) onto waste yarn until I’m ready to work with them.

Yes, that’s it exactly. Knit back and forth on the 84 back sts for the given length then bind off. You’ll return the 84 front sts to the needle and work them next.