Bargeman Sweater Short Row Query

Hello and thank you for this forum, it is a god send!
I am knitting the Bargeman sweater and would like to add short rows to the upper back as my husband has a bit of a curve there. The pattern has you knit 78 stitches of for the upper garter stitch part of the front and 96 stitches for the upper garter stitch part of the back. Then you shape the shoulders, 3 needle bind off to knit the front and back of the shoulders together and then knit the neck into a rolled edge. I hope I have explained this correctly. The question I have is do I actually need the short rows or will the 96 to 78 ratio of rows take care of the curve in the upper back?
Thanks so much!

The extra rows in the back will help keep the sweater from riding up in the front and choking the wearer. If you think a bit more shaping is required a couple of short rows will help with that. It may be worth working the front to the shoulder then working the rows of the back and pinning the 2 together at the shoulders to check the fit. If it isn’t right without the short rows you can always take out several rows and add them in.

Thank you! It’s a great idea :slightly_smiling_face: