Bargain priced yarn may be big mistake

Hi! If anyone has a suggestion for the type of needle to use on
"suede" yarn, I’m listening! I bought about four rolls at $1 each at my local merch outlet and I wanted to make the fingerless gloves, very basic pattern. So, my Clover dpns are way to hard to move the yarn on; tried some “coated” dpns, waaay to slippery even when I would try to put the little rubber stoppers on the ends. I am wondering if I am using too small a size needle? I have not tried to use two circulars but I might investigate because I do have some.
I sort of leave them alone because I feel I do better on dpns.
BUT I am willing to give it a try if that is the way to go.:think:

Thanks for any help.

Hiya golfer,
If it’s the same yarn I’m thinking about, it’s basically worsted weight and you would probably use size 5 (tightly knit) to size 9 needles for this particular yarn
If you go to they will have several patterns designed just for this particular yarn. Go to their yarnfinder, click on “suede” and then you’ll get the pic of the yarn itself to come up and under neath that will be some patterns designed just for that yarn. There is a gorgeous poncho on there with a southwest flair that would be great with that yarn.

Thank you - big time! I went to the site you suggested and its very helpful. The yarn would be better used for a hat and definitely I need a size 9 needles. Really appreciate the tip!

Yeah…I hear you…I bought something that I though was like a thin suede type, and it ended up being like…I don’t know…bigger…!


I’m using it now to make some booties, and the pattern calls for size 4 and 5 needles for the small booties. However, knowing it’s alot thicker than the yarn they used, I’ve been trying to use size 3 needles. HUGE mistake. I think I’m going to eat the cost of the recommended yarn and not use the suede to make these booties :stuck_out_tongue:

have you tried to reconfigure the stitch count? That might do the trick if you decrease the amount of stitches needed and still be able to use the yarn with the recommended size of needles.

I have found with the suede and chenille yarns that they need a bigger needles to move more easily on the needles. Try that and do a swatch to see what your gauge is. You may need to adjust your stitch count afterwards.