Bare Knuckles~ Fini

Created with the guidence of Elizabeth Dimbleby

Using Lion Brand Wool Ease Black and Grey. Look Ma, I can make gloves!

More photographs at the blog~

Very nice! I like those. :cheering:

I love those!

I love them!!! I want to knit some. You used her formula for yours or did you change some things? I have been looking for fingerless gloves.

Thank you guys~

I used her pattern, with 3.75 and 4mm needles (I wanted them a little larger) and alternating colors, which I carried up, rather than breaking for each change. These are for my nephew who has a band, he wanted gloves that he could play the guitar with, and he picked out the colors. I had a bit of trouble with the holes at the base of the fingers, but after a bit of reseaching online, it looks like that’s a pretty common glove issue. Next go round, I will be more mindful of picking up the stitches, and the proper placement of the cast on stitches. It really wasn’t a problem when I found out I could cover them with my darning needle when I was weaving in my ends.
I will most definately be making more of these. :cheering:

Very nice! I’d say they are quite manly!

I’m going to have to try some of those fingerless gloves myself for when I type this winter, my house can get a bit chilly!

Lovely!! :cheering:

They are so nice. What a great idea for a present. If only I could knit gloves :??

:hug: Sharon

Those are really cool looking! Gloves are on my “to knit” list; I can’t wait to get started. I hope mine come out half as nice as yours!


:heart: LOVE THEM! :heart: