Barbie tutu

In October I posted photos of a tutu I made for my granddaughter. Today while I was shopping for groceries I saw a Barbie doll with a blue dress on and thought…WOW I can make her look just like my granddaughter…
A few hours later…here is the matching Barbie tutu…

How cute! Is this also for your granddaughter?

changed it a little again…made the knitted top

forgot to add photo

Aw… that is just too cute!

I’m in love! This is gorgeous! Very creative!

Oh, your granddaugter is just going to love her. Perfect complement to her own gorgeous tutu.

I read about iPhone photos and I tried what was suggested…so here is my attempt to see if I can post this with it going in the correct direction…bear with me if it doesn’t work.

Very cute, love the blue! She is gonna love it.

Very cute. Is the one hanging on the hanger the one for your granddaughter or is it tiny? Can’t tell. DGD will love this.

It is the one for her…you can find her in it via revelry with my same nickname!