Barbara G Walker

any chance she comes here?
I did the math, and she is around my grandmothers age, so maybe not, (my G-mother is the exception in that she is still INSANELY active, without being Demented or insane)

I would just love to thank her for her contributions to my life in her published works.
and I cannot find a website with a link to thank her (most are just publishers or critics sites)

just wondering


If she’s here she’s not letting us know. :wink: I think publishers can forward a letter, but I’m not sure.

You could write to her in care of her publisher, who would forward your letter to her.

I will try that way, was just hoping there might be an easier way
oh well


Years ago (actually, [I]decades ago, [/I]now that I think of it), I contacted Maggie Righetti through her publisher to say “Thanks!”. I never expected to hear back from her, but I did, and treasure that letter I received. Maggie has since passed on, but I’m so glad had an opportunity to let her know what her books have meant to me!