Bar increase

I’m making a headband. k1 p1 rib. Doing the increases. I have 2 knit stitches together on the right side. Exactly as the pattern says I should. Next row says m1B beteween the two center stitches. When I do that I then have 3 purls on the next row instead of p k p. I need to know what bar increase will give me the k p k . Thanks in advance for the help. The pattern is t Matthews fine art headband ear warmer thick yarn version. row 10 is fine row 11 is the problem. Then row 12 has 3 purls.
Mary Pat

You can do the M1 as a purl st between the 2 knits facing you, which will look like a knit between 2 purls on the next row.

How do I do that? I’ve tried all the bar increases in the videos and glossary videos.

I’m not sure what you mean by bar increase - some people call kfb that, others use it for when you lift the yarn between sts and knit or purl into it with a twist. That’s called M1R or L and instead of knitting into it, purl into it. It’s easiest if you insert the L needle into the strand from the back to front, then purl into the front leg; that twists it close. Or you can do just a m1a, a backward loop, on the needle and it doesn’t really show as either a knit or purl. Then on the next row knit it to keep in pattern.

The pattern actually gives you the method to use to increase.
"m1B – From the back, lift loop between stitches with the left needle, purl into the front of loop"
On the next row when you get to the center sts, p, k, p those sts.

Great I think I have it. Thanks!

Thanks. I followed the video on that. About 6 times. Ended up with 3purls. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Thanks for you help!