Banner Above

We support the open Internet. Please stand with us and oppose #SOPA.

Is anyone else seeing this banner at the top of the webpage with a black banner over the name in the left top corner?

What is this about?

Basically, SOPA and PIPA are vaguely written bills intended to protect copyright infringement. The problem is that they give the federal government the right to blacklist and block websites, and propose harsh penalties that threaten small time artists and website owners who currently produce material protected under fair use.

You can click the link and if you don’t want to sign that petition you can click the links.

Wikipedia would be one that would be lost through these proposed bills. The blackout is over and here is there response -

After making my first post I went to BING and searched it.
Since KnittingHelp’s page came up black on the edges with the banner on the top and the logo blacked out, my first thought was to wonder if the site had been hacked. I don’t click on anything I am not sure of. I read up on it and understand what it is now. Thanks for the replies.