Bands on a cardigan sweater

I’m not entirely sure of these instructions on this sweater I’m knitting. It’s a cardigan sweater and when I get to the bands part… it says to pick up 3 sts. for every 4 rows. So, does this mean to pick up 3 sts. and leave 4 then pick up 3, leave 4??
And then after that it says to knit up 3 garter st. ridges. What is to become of these 4 unpicked up stitches?

Not quite like that. You’ll pick up sts along the front edge, and instead of picking up in every single end st, you pick up in 3 sts, skip the next (4th) one, pick up 3, skip one, etc. The reason you skip sts is because row gauge is slightly different than stitch gauge, so this will make the band lie flat rather than puckering or ruffling.

oh ok - gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: